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Giles, Technical Director

Giles first entered the broadcast industry some twenty five years ago. Working as a runner in Soho, he delivered film rushes whilst learning a lot about the business from the bottom up. Giles then put his creative flair and technical knowledge to good use, and trained as a camera operator. He spent many years honing his skills on popular TV series like Autumn Watch and Blue Peter.

Giles formed Bower Films in 2002 to offer businesses the same quality of filmmaking found in broadcast. A talented cameraman and editor, he knows how to make you – and what you do – look fantastic.

Ellie, Creative Director

Ellie came to Bower Films after building a ten year career in entertainment and factual programming, cutting her teeth on programmes like Deal or No Deal?, Pointless and Bargain Hunt. She then went on to produce films for a variety of corporate clients, including Laithwaites Wines.

Ellie’s effectively dealt with everything from presenter tantrums to managing large groups of giddy contestants, so Ellie can handle pretty much anything we throw at her.

Originally trained as a journalist, Ellie’s strong editorial eye and attention to detail means she’s got impeccable story telling skills.

Nicola, Production Manager

Nicola has a wonderful way of exuding calm whilst at the same time ensuring every project runs smoothly and on time.

She has a wealth of management expertise, having spent years working in blue chip Natural History programming for the BBC. Nikki can turn her hand at anything from overseeing a complicated live broadcast to arranging a dive shoot in the Great Barrier Reef.

Henry, Office Guard Dog

Henry is a boxer dog, and anyone who knows boxers will know they are completely untrainable. He pretends to do a bit of work guarding the camera kit, but makes it known he’ll hand everything over for a biscuit and a rub behind the ears.

We have a great team of trusted freelancers who support us – including directors, make up artists, camera operators and everything in between.

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