When investing in a company video – whether you are paying a company like us to do it for you, or doing it yourself- the fact remains the same; you must have a strategy, a narrative and an end goal in mind. Who will your viewers be and how and where will they find your video content?

There’s no escaping the fact that videos, whether they be embedded in a website or uploaded to platforms like YouTube or Vimeo are fast becoming the first communication tool for businesses, even the smallest of them. Why is that? Well for starters, 80% of all web traffic is expected to be claimed by video content by the end of 2019.

So you have your super-duper new video. It does everything you expected of it, well almost…

When we think marketing, we tend to think of mega bucks and money pits. When what we really should be doing is getting excited about all of the FREE, yes free ways we can advertise our company video online.

Check out our top tips, which were featured here in The Business Exchange Magazine!

Ellie Edwards, creative director at Bower Films, a Bath-based video production company gives her top tips to keep your video content engaging this year.

How much does corporate video cost?
‘How much should you budget for a corporate video?’ This is a question we’re asked a lot, and in this blog we break down the main factors

Organising a live event is often both time consuming and expensive, but you can get far more bang for your buck if you can capture the day on film and use the footage to add value to your brand and attract potential customers.

Click here to read an article in ‘The Business Exchange’ about our new promotional film package – specifically aimed at small businesses and entrepreneurs who want a high end introductory video at a very competitive rate.

Our Marston’s film is a great example of what can be achieved in a half day video package. Video testimonials are one of our specialisms, and we relish the challenge of bringing products to life that aren’t immediately visual!

Bower Films – a Bath based corporate video company – explore four of the most effective ways small businesses can use video as part of their marketing strategy.

One of our recent highlights has been filming with Dermadog, who make 100% natural dog care products.