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Our Educational Video Production Portfolio is Growing

We have a wealth of  broadcast kids TV credits including My Pet and Me (CBeebies), My Life (CBBC) and Blue Peter (BBC1)

Expanding this part of our business is what is on the agenda right now. We are passionate about making educating films and particularly for young people. They are the future after-all.

Educating infants and young adults comes with its challenges

ChuChu on YouTube

We are a little in awe of ChuChu TV which is one of the fastest growing educational Youtube channels for kids. In a few weeks and after just one video it had 300,000 views. It’s a clever mix of learning and entertainment.

Kids are discerning and they know what they like and as parents we know what makes a good educational experience for them. When educating the young, we need to think of them as beings with their own minds, likes and dislikes and ability to translate the information they are seeing into their own words and thoughts.

Monitoring children’s use of YouTube however, is a must. There is some wholly unsuitable stuff available at the click of a mouse. It’s a double edged sword. On the one hand it gives kids the opportunity to learn quickly, but on the other, it gives them easy access to videos that parents might find unsuitable. That said, we live in a digital age. Modern parenting means embracing technology with an intuitive eye.

What’s so Great About Educating The Young?

What’s not to love about helping to mould our young people’s mind’s in the right way? Giving kids valuable information in an entertaining setting, with an engaging narrative is fulfilling and great fun too!

So what makes a kids’ show popular?

It’s a magic formula… You need great characters, hero characters, an engaging narrative, a problem to be solved and an end result that shows children what can be achieved by doing it the right way.

Young people deserve good TV with well constructed narrative content and attention to detail. They are a large audience. Kids learn new things fairly easily compared to most adults. They have the ability to soak information up like a sponge. Teach them well and see them grow into educated, confident, intuitive, self-aware adults.


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