When investing in a company video – whether you are paying a company like us to do it for you, or doing it yourself- the fact remains the same; you must have a strategy, a narrative and an end goal in mind. Who will your viewers be and how and where will they find your video content?

Industry audiences vary in interests and their hangouts vary too. Where does your target audience hang out online?


You’ve taken the first step. You know that video content marketing is where it’s at in today’s digital age. You’ve read the stats, you know that we are a social society and 70% of marketers plan to use video marketing this year. These statistics will likely rise beyond 2020.

Do you have a story in mind, something that draws your audience, the hook if you like? How do you intend to keep them watching until the end of the film? What will they take away from your company’s video? Will it leave them wanting to know more about your business?

Planning is a crucial part of the process. Pre-production should be a joint effort with all invested parties involved. Strategy is so often over-looked with a rush towards the end game. Don’t think of it as the boring part, the bit that you just have to get done before you can get to all of the exciting stuff. Enjoy the whole process and be open to ideas.

The Narrative

This is where you decide on the script. What will you say and how will you say it in an engaging and creative way? A great narrative has the ability to keep an audience watching until the end and can work wonders in producing quality leads. Get this wrong and the it’s more likely that your viewers will move swiftly in to the next thing. Audience attention when it comes to online activity is easily lost. If they get it right away, if they know that your content is going to answer their question or solve a problem for them then you have them hooked.

Video Audience Engagement

Don’t underestimate the value of immediate engagement. If your video is out there on social media, allow people to comment and ask questions. Be on it when it comes to responding. Not only will that person feel as if their feedback or question is valued, everyone else will see that you are happy to engage. This then goes on to promote brand awareness and in turn creates an authentic atmosphere. Trust is a valuable commodity when it comes to business.

Your Company Video is Your Most Valuable Marketing Tool

Once you have your video get marketing. Take a look at our article on how to market your video for free.

Marketing is an ongoing process. It’s never marked as ‘done’ but the more you do, the more you will see your business grow.