Do you have a small business in or around the Bath area?

There’s no escaping the fact that videos, whether they be embedded in a website or uploaded to platforms like YouTube or Vimeo are fast becoming the first communication tool for businesses, even the smallest of them. Why is that? Well for starters, 80% of all web traffic is expected to be claimed by video content by the end of 2019.

Corporate video isn’t just for large companies. It’s easy to think of a company video as an extravagance and something you simply don’t need. This is where companies miss out on the marketing opportunities a great company video provides. It’s an on-going opportunity too.

Sure, a video is an extravagance if it isn’t used to it’s full potential. There are so many ways to push your content to the right audience. Not only that, a lot of it is free! Having a fantastic film and doing nothing with it is like having a beautiful looking, all singing, all dancing website and forgetting the SEO and social media marketing, or opening a shop in the middle of nowhere.

Sharing Video on Mobile Devices

It’s no surprise to find out that over half of all video content is viewed on mobile. Smartphones make it so easy to view content and share it with others, and video by its very nature is highly shareable. You shouldn’t feel that there is no place for your business in the market when it comes to branching out and using film to boost your turnover.

Video Increases Organic Traffic

Video marketing and SEO go hand in hand. Video offers added value to your audience, and guess what? Google favours websites that offer video! Nowadays, search engines are all about the value you can offer to your customers and audiences. When your web address is seen to feature video content as well as standard text, Google detects this and can see that you will potentially provide a greater user experience and probably more expertise than a similar site that does not feature video content.

With this in mind, it’s wise to add share buttons to your video content so that it can be shared on social media platforms with the click of a button. The more shares your video gets, the more exposure you as a company get. Brand awareness spreads, as does trust.

Testimonial Video Production

Testimonials are a great way of telling people how great you are, only you aren’t saying it, your customers are! Getting customers or clients to love your service on camera increases trust and shows authenticity. Unscripted speech is best when it comes to testimonial style videos.

Get your customers to tell your audience how you solved their problem with your product or service. Ask them how you were to work with, were they happy with the overall experience and with the end result. Perhaps you can ask them to mention key members of staff if you feel they performed exceptionally well. Mentioning names is always good because it makes your brand or service more personable and people find it easier to engage with people than entities.

Ongoing Customer Engagement

Once you start engaging with your audience in an authentic manner, then it’s very likely that they will turn into leads in the future. for sure, video content marketing is a long game and rarely a quick fix. But with the time invested, come loyal customers that will feel confident to recommend you to others and share your content more readily too.

There is always a budget to work with. Most video production companies will chat with you openly to get to the bottom of what it is you want to achieve with your company video. Don’t be put off by the word corporate. It’s just a word. Any company can achieve amazing things with the right video. It’s an extension of the larger picture and a great way to increase turnover.