Making the Most of Your Professionally Produced Video

So you have your super-duper new video. It does everything you expected of it, well almost…

When we think marketing, we tend to think of mega bucks and money pits. When what we really should be doing is getting excited about all of the FREE, yes free ways we can advertise our company video online.

Yes there’s a certain amount of time involved, but the benefits of utilising the digital world to promote your video content far outweigh the fairly small amount of time it takes to research and develop an on-going strategy that will not only work wonders now, but into the future. That’s not to say your strategy shouldn’t evolve. As with anything online, things change at a rate of knots, but change isn’t always a bad thing.

Top Five Free Online Promotional Platforms For Video Content

  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Your Website
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Of course there are many more free sites out there but these are the top sites and proven winners when it comes to free promotion of content.

YouTube – A free and fun way to share your video content. Encourage engagement through likes and comments. Optimise your video for greater exposure. Make playlists, add card and end screens. Youtube is fantastic for creating better brand awareness.

Instagram – Gaining huge traction of late, Instagram allows you to post short clips to your story helping to engage followers.

Your Website – Embed your video content into your own website. It will take up less space if you embed directly from Youtube. Optimise your page and let people know what your video is all about.

Facebook – There is a debate as to whether or not video content is as valuable within Facebook as it is elsewhere. Posting directly to your page without boosting your video will still have some effect, and if your content is engaging it has the ability to be shared.

LinkedIn – Once you have your video added to YouTube take advantage of the fact that you can copy the embed code into your LinkedIn status and get your content out there.

Social Media

Don’t be daunted by the prospect of adding your content to these amazing platforms. The key here, is to concentrate on one at a time. It’s like anything in life, if we overload our brains with information it all seems like too much effort and anyway, we are busy with other things…more important things…

If you’ve invested in a company video, then make it work for you. Once you start seeing results you won’t look back!