‘How much should you budget for a corporate video?’

This is a question we’re asked a lot, and in this blog we break down the main factors that influence the budget of a video project.

1. Equipment

If you’re putting on a large outdoor event, perhaps you would like a drone to really do the scale justice. Or if you’ve organised a high profile awards ceremony, maybe you need more than one camera to ensure all the important moments are captured. On the other hand, if it’s a simple Q and A style interview you’re after, one camera should do the job nicely.

2. Time

The number of shoot and edit days is a big factor. A straight forward client testimonial can be shot and edited in a day, whereas a two day conference and accompanying speaker videos, teaser edits etc can easily become a week’s work or more.

3. Motion graphics and animation

Here at Bower Films we don’t make full blown animated videos, we stick at what we’re good at, which is live action. But we do work with some very talented motion graphic designers who are on call when we need them to enhance our films. Depending on the complexity of the work, the inclusion of motion or 3D graphics can have a significant impact on the overall budget.

4. People Power

Does your promotional film require a separate sound person, make-up artist or B roll camera operator? We find most of the films we make are well suited to a camera operator and producer duo, but we scale up and down accordingly.

Get a Quote

Perhaps the best piece of advice is ask for a chat and a rough quote. Identify a company you like the look of, and if they’re worth their salt they will be more than happy to float ideas and budgets. If you have a maximum budget in mind, it can sometimes be helpful to put that forward and allow the production company to work backwards, giving you an idea of what is achievable.

Small Budget?

If you have a modest budget – then what? It is possible to create a promotional film yourself, and it’s getting even easier – as documented in this useful blog by Hubspot. If you choose to DIY, it’s definitely worth a read. It’s full of tips including the ideal duration of your film and the best position to place your video on your site.

Alternatively, talk frankly with production companies and they might be able to help you achieve your goals if you are open to scaling down some of the points mentioned above. An experienced team will be well versed in working with budgets both large and small. Feel free to contact us if you would like a quote for your next video project – we’d love to chat ideas.