Bower Films – a Bath based corporate video company – explore four of the most effective ways small businesses can use video as part of their marketing strategy.

1. Event Filming

Events can take months to organise and be a significant investment for businesses, but you can get a bigger bang for your buck by recording them on film and therefore maximising your audience.

Whether it’s a product launch, festival or annual conference – a bit more work on the day can pay dividends in the future.

One example is our coverage of BBC Countryfile Live. Our team grabbed footage of the event’s highlights, alongside some soundbites from enthusiastic visitors and celebrity guests. This formed a major online campaign to attract ticket sales for the following year, as well as being adapted for an ITV television advert:

A completely different type of event: The 10thAnniversary Party for Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine. Here we had the opportunity to capture several incredible client stories – a series of mini testimonials if you like. These were deeply moving and powerful, resulting in an overwhelmingly positive response on social media:

2. Sharing Your Creation Story

People connect with stories and history – they bring a product or service to life. This is particularly relevant for small businesses – you might not be able to compete with the marketing budget of the big players but you can capitalise on the power of an inspiring story that people instantly connect with.

So if your business has been a dream since you were a child, or your catering company uses recipes passed on from your grandmother, use video to tell your story and then make it relevant to potential customers.

3. Showing Your Production Process

Are your methods special or unique? If so, show us! If everything is done by hand, if you source all your ingredients in person, or if all your animals are free range – your audience will want to see it.

One example is a recent shoot we did for Dermadog – where we peppered in shots to illustrate the care and love that goes into their truly artisan products:

This video also contained a glowing testimonial, which bring us onto our next topic….

4. Testimonials

Testimonials are your most powerful tool in your video kit bag. They are highly persuasive and add credibility to your brand and what you do. Potential customers are more likely sit up and take notice of what third parties say, whereas they’re more inclined to view self promotion with a level of scepticism.

Although it’s far from a one size fits all rule for business videos, you certainly can’t go far wrong with a relevant, succinct customer testimonial.

The video examples are the work of Bower Films, a Bath based company specialising in corporate video for SMEs. Get in touch to discuss how a high quality film can help your business: